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Welcome To My Home Page

These Pages have no commercial value.I do NOT sell tapes.Also before starting to collect any of these tapes you should go out and buy ALL of the artists officially available material !!!!!!!!!

If you have ANYTHING not listed here please contact me at :-
The following notes apply to all lists of both audio and video tapes which are all laid out in the same manner :-
Date Of Recording.
Generation If Known.
Venue Or Title.
Recording Length In Minutes.
Recording Quality.
Source Of Recording.
Tape Number
Date is laid out :-
Day . Month . Year . Each of these is represented by a two digit number or if not known by ?? .
(M) = Recording Is The Master / Original Recording.
(X) = Recording Is from The Master/ Original Recording straight to CDR
(A) = Recording Is On A Bootleg CD.
(B) = Recording Is On An Official Promo Or Radio Station CD.
(C) = Recording Is On A Bootleg LP.
(D) = Recording Is On An Official Promo Or Radio Station LP.
(1) = Recording Is A Direct Copy From The Master Recording.
(2) = Recording Is A Copy Of A Copy From The Master ETC.......
This is where the recording is from or the name of the recording if the location is not known.
All times are in minutes and are approximate.
This is represented by a letter from A to D :-
A = Excellent Quality.Typically FM Radio,Mixing Desk,Soundboard,PA Or Top Quality Audience Recording .
B = Good Quality.Typically Nth Generation FM Radio.Mixer / PA Or Average Audience Recording.
C = Poor Quality.Typically Very Dull,Lots Of Hiss,Hard To Hear Radio.Mixer / PA Or Poor Audience Recording.
D = Terrible Quality. For Fanatics Only.
These gradings are supplemented by + and - to further define quality.Thus each grade has three levels EG :-
?????? = Recording source is not known.
UK TV = Recorded from British Television (or whatever country).
???? TV = Recorded From Unknown Television Station.
Pro Shot ??? = Recorded Professionally By Unknown Professionals.
DTM = Digital Transfer Master
Radio = Recorded from radio broadcast (Where Known Station Name Is Used).
Mix = Recorded from the mixing desk,Soundboard or PA system .
Private = Recorded for personal use (EG an interview recorded by the journalist).
Audience or Aud. = Recorded by an audience member.
(B+W) = Black And White Picture.Picture Is Colour If Not Stated Otherwise.
This is for my benefit,to help me find the recording you request.
Please include these numbers with any
requests to make my life easier and speed up my replies .
N/A = not available for general trade.They are only available for other "Rare" recordings.This is not my idea !!! However I had to agree to this in order to get them !!!
No Dolby
Dolby B
Dolby C


Mini Disk

Ordinary Tapes ( Type I )
Chrome Tapes ( Type II )
Metal Tapes ( Type IV )
Please state what Brand,Dolby setting and Tape Type You Prefer.



DVD and Video recordings are Mono except where stated (S) which are Stereo and can only be made for use on PAL systems.
Again please state preferred brand and Tape Type.
I have a few Lou Reed promo items for trade listed on the Odds And Ends Page

Finally I have a number of Hamell On Trial recordings added in the Various Artists section.If you like most of the artists listed here you will love him !

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